Riverbank clean up 2012

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup took place across Canada between September 15 and 23, 2012, involving hundreds of sites and thousands of volunteers (over 56,000 in 2011). On Saturday, September 15, a small but keen group of volunteers did their bit along about half a kilometre of the shore of the Maitland River, near the Menesetung Bridge and golf course. In two hours we collected about sixty pounds – three bags of garbage and one of recycling. Interesting findings included:

30 golf balls (which we left in a pile for the golfers)
89 food wrappers/containers
26 bottles (plastic and glass)
31 plastic bags
53 pieces of Styrofoam
315 cigarette butts

Of particular interest were the six full doggie poop bags. It boggled our minds that somebody would stoop and scoop, tie up a bag, and then toss it in the river.


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