El Camino Cherrydale rest stop 2023

For more than a decade, the Lower Maitland Stewardship Group has hosted the Cherrydale checkpoint for the El Camino hiking event run by the Maitland Trail Association.

Armed with home made baked goods, a neat and tidy outhouse, and places to sit, the Cherrydale stop is a favourite of many. For the LMSG volunteers, it is fun to hear stories from the trails, learn where people hail from, and share anecdotes about the wild and wonderful plants and animals along the Maitland River.

A noticeable absence among LMSG volunteers is Tom Lobb, who passed in early 2019. Prior to his passing, Tom was a notoriously passionate naturalist and excellent teacher. For many years, Tom volunteered with the LMSG and at the Cherrydale checkpoint, and he is missed by those who remain.

We look forward to hosting again next year and stay tuned for more upcoming events!

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