Landowner Survey

A survey of landowners along the Lower Maitland River Valley was was undertaken in the summer of 2009 to learn more about their interests and needs (see information below).  Click on the following link to view a copy of the final report.

Survey Summary Report 2010

June 30, 2009

Dear Landowner,

Re: Lower Maitland Stewardship Group – Landowner Contact Initiative

Approximately 180 people own property along the Lower Maitland River Valley between Auburn and Goderich.  The Lower Maitland Stewardship Group (LMSG) is keenly interested in protecting this special area for future generations and recognizes that we must work cooperatively with landowners to achieve this goal.  In the interest of learning more about landowner needs and viewpoints, LMSG is hoping to meet with a number of Lower Maitland landowners this summer to conduct a survey.  The main goals of the survey are to 1) determine what features of the valley are important to you, the landowners; 2) what assistance or support you might need to help you implement stewardship activities, and; 3) provide you with information about some available stewardship and funding opportunities.

The Lower Maitland Stewardship Group began in 1998 with informal meetings between interested community members to discuss issues and concerns relating to the Maitland Valley and the surrounding area.  It has evolved into an informal, community-based organization with diverse representation.  The mission statement of the Lower Maitland Stewardship Group is: “to maintain and enhance natural ecosystem features of the Lower Maitland River Valley”.

The LMSG has retained a technician to implement the survey, and they will be contacting a number of Lower Maitland landowners to try and arrange a meeting to discuss their property, their views about the valley and needs for stewardship assistance.  The survey will be conducted throughout the summer of 2009. It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete, but this could vary. All individual survey responses will be kept in strict confidence. The final report, summarizing results of the survey will be available to all participants.

We will be contacting potential participants by phone during July and August to ask if you are willing to participate in the survey, but you can also contact me directly to express your interest in participating.

If you wish to view a copy of the survey before a meeting date is established, you can review it by clicking on the following icon.

Landowner Survey