Mission, Values and Goals


“To maintain and enhance natural ecosystem features of the Lower Maitland River Valley.”

VALUES (Key Principles)

  1. We envision a community that enables owners to manage their land for the mutual benefit of themselves and the community.
  2. We believe that most landowners holding valley lands do so because they appreciate the beauty and natural features of the valley and the adjoining landscape.
  3. We believe that many non-landowners have an interest in actively preserving and enhancing the valley’s natural vitality.
  4. We believe that landowners and non-landowners coming together as a community will assure the integrity of the valley for both their interests.


  1. To advocate responsible stewardship of resources by landowners and valley users through:
    • encouraging a sense of community and cooperation among landowners and valley users through providing a forum for them to interact, share ideas and develop an understanding of each other’s viewpoints;
    • provision of information on natural features, their, presence, status and management options, and;
    • provision of educational opportunities to learn about and develop an appreciation for the valley resources.
  2. To encourage and direct research on natural features of the valley.
  3. To profile existing protection measures, e.g. legislation, and encourage their appropriate enforcement.
  4. To investigate other opportunities for protection, e.g. recommendations to regulators, special designations and learning about approaches taken in other areas.

To foster sustainable use of the valley and its resources.